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Xitami Xitami
Version 2.5b6

Welcome To Xitami

Welcome to the Xitami online documentation. These pages describe how to install, use, and configure Xitami for your needs. You can go directly to the Table of Contents. You'll also find a large FAQ section that provides answers to many frequently-asked questions. Please read this FAQ before asking for technical support. The Xitami discussion group is an active forum and an excellent place to ask questions and discuss issues surrounding Xitami.

To download Xitami go to the Download Corner.

If you use Xitami, please register now for information about bug fixes and updates. It's free - just send us an e-mail with subject 'register' and your comments, if any.

Xitami is a high-quality portable free web server. It is distributed with source code according to a liberal License Agreement. Please take a minute to read this.

What's special about Xitami?

If you're a software developer, visit the iMatix home page and take a look at our other products. Libero, SFL, and SMT are the unique software tools that make Xitami fast and portable. You can use them freely in any project; if you intend to extend Xitami, you'll want these tools.

Summary of Xitami Features

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