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Getting Support

Xitami is a free product, and well-documented. Before you email us with questions, make sure you read the documentation and especially the FAQ. Bug reports are always welcome, if you can tell us what to do to make the problem happen. E-mails like 'Xitami crashed' are not very useful. When you report a problem, tell us:

  1. What version of Xitami you are using
  2. What operating system you are using
  3. The exact error message you get
  4. How to reproduce the problem

Xitami includes a debugging option (the server:debug option) which generates various trace files. Use this feature to get information about a problem before you mail us. Often the trace files (debug.log, header.log, and request.log) will contain very useful information.  

For help about using, configuring, or extending Xitami, use the Xitami discussion group. This is a mailing list kindly hosted by Scott Drake. The Xitami group generates 10-30 messages a day, and has an on-line archive which you can search by going to http://xitami.isonline.com/ and clicking on Search. To subscribe, send a message with the following command in the body of the message: subscribe xitami.

Registered Xitami users get automatic news about updates, bugs, special offers, and other items of interest. Registration is free. To register, send a message with your comments in the body of the text. We will sometimes use your comments (with permission) on our web site. In any case, if you mail us with any question regarding Xitami, you are automatically registered.

For Technical Support

Technical support licenses for Xitami and other iMatix products are available from iMatix Corporation at reasonable prices. Contact sales@imatix.com for information. Commercial clients should use the priority support facilities noted in their license.

For Regular Information

For regular information on iMatix - our products, our future, and our opinions - you can subscribe to Liberetto, the monthly iMatix newsletter. Send a mail to liberetto@imatix.com with 'subscribe' in the message subject or message body.

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